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Learning What Is Industrial Waste Management

The rapid advancement of industrial sectors and the related economic growth have given a great impetus to the overall development scenario. However, such massive scales of growth have also brought along with it a series of fallouts and negative impact, posing a threat to the very safety of mankind and the basic principles of hygiene.

The dangers posed by the unbridled rise in the excretion of industrial waste is one of the critical dangers facing the world, giving rise to scores of deliberations and consultations, aiming to find an amiable solution to the matter.

The Concept

In order to identify a probable solution, it is first important to understand and analyze as to what is industrial waste management and the areas of operation it actually encompasses. The concept of industrial waste management involves a series of steps that revolve around the identification, categorization and processing of the waste material involved, in specific accordance with the nature of the industry. In order to understand what is industrial waste management, it is first important that the concept of industrial waste be understood, as to what elements does it include.

To begin with, industrial waste is typically defined as a type of waste produced by industrial activity, including the likes of factories, mills and mines. Industrial waste is broadly classified into toxic waste and chemical waste, out of which the former is potentially dangerous and needs careful handling and processing.

It was in the late 1970s that the administration’s attention was called to developing and enforcing a legislation with regard to management of this category of waste, giving an all new meaning to what is industrial waste management. Prior to this time period, the majority of industrial waste was disposed of in landfills, stored in surface impoundments such as lagoons or pits, discharged into surface waters without almost any treatment or even burnt.

The need to redefine the concept of what is industrial waste management specifically arose when such practices actually led to pollution of groundwater, streams, lakes and rivers along with massive damage to wildlife and vegetation. In fact, high levels of toxic contaminants have been found in animals and human beings who have been continually exposed to such waste streams.

Overall, there are two main aspects that clearly define what is industrial waste management. The first is the management of the waste product on-site, at the spot where it is actually generated. Following this, the second and a more complex method is to transport the waste to an off-site location and take up the processing at an present commercial facility.


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